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    billet steel questions

    I'm new to fabrication and I want to make a transmission mount for my car. I initially thought welding one up would be the best, but then, as I thought further, it would be much easier for me to make a billet one. I have a few questions before I start, though:

    I need to know what material will be best to use. I was hoping that I would just be able to use my drill press to do this. To make what I need, I really only need to drill 3 holes into the piece. One of the holes needs to be around 2" in diameter, and the two others need to be drilled and tapped for mounting bolts. So, basically, I need the metal to be soft enough to work with on my drill press, but strong enough to hold up the transmission.
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    Re: billet steel questions

    6061 should be fine

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    Re: billet steel questions

    Excellent, thanks! I was hoping that 6061 aluminum would work.

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    Re: billet steel questions

    What type of cutter are you planning to cut the 2" hole with?

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