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    Sears torque wrenches

    Anybody know the difference between the sears clicky "microtork" wrenches and their regular clicky torque wrenches? The microtork seems to be a little cheaper, by about $10 and the specs seem the same. Any technical differences between these two lines?
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    Re: Sears torque wrenches

    Sorry I can't be of any help. FWIW, I have the digitork versions in 3/8 and 1/2. They've been awesome!!!

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    Re: Sears torque wrenches

    Yup, saw one of your old replies on pirate. I was going to get those but the 3/8 doesn't go low enough and the 1/2 starts too low and ends too high. I do like the digital though.

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    Re: Sears torque wrenches

    Ive had lots of problems in the past with these torque wrenches braeking. Ive been through 3 of them > i know have all snap on torque wrenches. Ive never had a problem since. SK also makes a nice piece

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    Re: Sears torque wrenches

    Mine are all Snap On over 25 years old and still work perfect.

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    Re: Sears torque wrenches

    Not sure what models I have, but my Craftsman Torque Wrenches are about 17 years old and are still working like a champ. (They are the clicky kind. LOL!)
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