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    Corian/Solid Surfacing machining and bonding

    A little background...

    A few years ago I had a Corian corner sink with integral counter top made for my master bath (in the grand scheme of things it will be a guest suite...some day). At the time, I had not worked out how I wanted to do the back splash (also have a 1/2 wall I wanted to cap).

    Fast forward to last month, I had some pieces cut by the guy who made the sink which included a cap for the 1/2 wall, back splashes for both sides, and a couple of trim pieces that I intend to bond to the back splashes and scribe to the wall.

    The Corian guy said use carbide tipped tooling to cut the Corian and for bonding, he had suggested super glue (CA). He told me the special Corian bonding material was only sold in a large "epoxy-like" system.

    So for any of you who have worked with Corian or other solid surface materials, do you have any tips/tricks for working with it?

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    Re: Corian/Solid Surfacing machining and bonding

    Corian works a lot like wood. Can use a god carbide blade in circular saw and then use a belt sander to scribe it to the wall if needed.

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