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Thread: tool brand

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    tool brand

    what your fav tool brand?

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    Re: tool brand

    My faves -

    Hand Tools - Craftsman (never used anything else - ignorance is bliss)
    Power Tools - Makita/Porter Cable

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    Re: tool brand

    Craftsman (can't see paying 3x more for the same tool with more polish)

    Dewalt for power tools. Never let me down yet. And I beat the snot out of them !

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    Re: tool brand

    Hand tools: Snap-on when uncle sam buys them, I get craftsman
    Power tools: Porter cable but they are crazy $$$$

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    Re: tool brand

    Hand tools: Snap On is simply the best...To bad the rep out here sucks big time.......I buy ace, napa, and benchtop....

    Power Tools Dewalt, Milwaukee, and Makita...

    Air Tools: IR

    Welding: Miller

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    Re: tool brand

    Snap On (e bay), Gray, Mac, Matco and the odd Canadian Tire tools (Motorcraft)

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    Re: tool brand

    Snap-On all the way. A number of years ago I was an auto mechanic for a living. All I used was Snap-On. I brought everything home when I quit being a mech and have just added to them ever since. If I climbed on the Snap-On truck tomorrow and bought everything I have, I would spend about $70,000.00 to $80,000.00.

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    Re: tool brand

    I will go with Snap-on when i am mechanic, Craftsman for the garage and tools i will not use to much

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    Re: tool brand

    I am no mechanic by trade, but I demand the best tools I can afford. I have quite the few Snap On pieces most of which I bought off of E Bay at fraction of the price

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    Re: tool brand

    Nothing else comes close to Snap-On for hand tools, Mac is a distant 2nd, Craftsman and S-K even lower down the totem pole. There is a huge difference in quality, and you get what you pay for. I always buy the best I can afford, and I'm rarely disappointed.

    Snap-On and Ingersoll-Rand air tools.

    Miller Electric welders.

    Victor Oxy-Actetylene torches.

    Milwaukee hand-held power tools.

    Hilti hammer drills.

    Porter Cable for woodworking tools.

    Gray & OTC automotive shop equipment.

    Bridgeport, South Bend, LeBlond, Starrett, Williams machinists tools.

    Brands I refuse to buy: DeWalt/Black & Decker, Makita, Matco, Craftsman.

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