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Thread: tool brand

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    Re: tool brand

    Sockets: Craftsman with a lot of SK mixed in. Impacts are mostly Craftsman.
    Ratchets: SK, Craftsman, Proto & Thorsen, but I always reach for my SK Roto Head first.
    Screwdrivers: Craftsman, SK & SnapOn, but I like the SnapOn Phillips and the older black-Pro Craftsman.
    Wrenches: Craftsman, SK, and some Plomb, Herbrand, Mac & SnapOn mixed in.
    Pliers: SK, Diamond, Channel Lock, Craftsman and some SnapOn.
    Tool Boxes: Craftsman & Kennedy

    I buy a lot of my tools from estate and garage sales so I have a lot of different tool brands. I like the ease of replacement for the Craftsman, but the SK not hard to replace either. The others are there because of their quality and the good deal I got on them.

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    Re: tool brand

    Howdy, y'all. Old new - or new old guy here. I've been wandering through all of the different spots on this great site since I joined up, kind'a getting the lay of the land. This looks like a good spot to cast my first line in.

    I've been at the trades for so long, that I have a great mish-mosh of tools, as well as some fairly set opinions of what is what. My basic feeling, though, is that the best tool is the one that gets the results you need, when properly applied; strength and durability are important, but it doesen't matter what the brand stamped into it is, and the fit and finish are only aesthetics - it's the quality of the fit to the job at hand that counts.

    That said, I do have certain preferences - that is, brands or styles that I will consider first, when I need to aquire another toy, but, I am not locked into any one brand, if what I need is available in several different ones; I'll try to get the most bang for my buck, after considering all of the angles. For example, in heavy duty drills, I'll always think Milwaukee corded, first; I have used others, but my stable, now, has three "big reds" in it, and I doubt I'll ever need any more. Circular saws: Skil, what else? In cordless, I prefer Makita; their durability, mechanically and electrically seems to surpass the others I have used over the years. I have two 9.6V "Mak" drills that are fifteen years old, and have outlasted several DeWalt, Hitachi, and Craftsman items. Mechanics hand tools: nowadays, if - and that's a big if - I need something, I usually check out Sears first, because they are most convenient, and the tools are of decent quality; they also do carry other brands, now, too.

    That's the view from where I'm standing. I think I'll just have another

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    Re: tool brand

    I've been an auto tech for 14 years before going to work for John deere.. now I dont really buy my tools as a status symbol and I started with all craftsman. Anything I broke I would get replaced at sears then I would take the set home and get snap on for work, Snap -on wrenches are thinner than craftsman,, but they will take more torque,, you can push them more before they fail. Several magazines did tests and proved that the snap on wrenches and ratchets are superior to the others. That said,, I have a full mix,, snap-on, mac, matco, sk, proto, craftsman, and some real oddball stuff. Get what you can afford.. I've been wrenching for 22 years now and I'm paid off on all my tools,, I have about 75k in tools,, most kept at home,, I'm on the road for deere and I dont take ny good stuff out on the road,, mostly craftsman in the truck,, cept for screwdrivers,, only snap on there.. Also on the road,, you can always find a sears,, its hard to get a snap on guy you dont deal with to warranty your tools.. My regular snap on guy, and previous guys have been to my home on weekends when I needed tools.. I did feed them and give them a beer or two to thank them.. but If you have a good relationship they will take care of you.. I do buy snap on tools off ebay on occasion,, but have picked up a good amount at yard sales and from other techs retiring.. I now also have a large snap on box,, and its the only new box I have ever bought.. all my others were bought second hand,, either repos,, or trade ins.. I have close to 10 k in my box alone,, plus I have a 2nd box in the back of a service truck,, smaller.. but,, it was $500.. BTW I still have a complete set of snap on sae wrenches I started with when I was 16,, all original, none broken or lost.. 23 years,, not one set of my craftsman's have made it past two years without at least one in the set breaking.. also the prices of the sk's and craftsman's are coming up,, if you get the professional series craftman they aren't all that much cheaper..

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    Re: tool brand

    Snap-on tools for me.

    DeWalt electric tools.

    Trying out my new IR air impact this upcoming week.

    My Snap-on guy back home was awesome. He would go to dirt track races with my and my dad. He would pay for our tickets and bitch at us for buying him food at the track, and tell us not to. He went out of the way all the time for us, giving us free jackets shirts and everything else.

    Since I moved, I don't really care for the Snap-on guy. So it all depends on your local dealer IMO.

    Craftsman tools are good and have a nice price tag. But again, back home they only had a small store and when you go there to get tools replaced, they had to send them in to get replaced. And about 2-3 weeks later you would get your new tool in the mail. Or I had to drive an hour 1 way to go to the bigger store and get them replaced and sometimes I would have to do the same there.

    I don't like Snap-on wrenches, I bought one cause I lost one of my Craftsman ones. I now own a fleet of Craftman Professional Series wrenches, and I really like them. I also love my gear wrenches (I'm lazy).

    I also love my 14.4 volt Bluepoint impact, it is extremely handy and much lighter than an 18 volt.

    I do have to agree with Snap-on sockets being stronger than Craftsman sockets in my experience.

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    Re: tool brand

    Snap-On for me. I do have a lot of junk name tools bit I use them when someone needs to borrow some. I might be getting old , but I'm not stupid


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