No matter what you put in your garage you always find something that you missed. Why not make your suggestions to a Wish List? Besides helping yourself, you will help others build their dream garage. If you see, or know of a good idea for a garage or an accessory, why not just add it here.

The one thing that I aways wanted in my garage was a drive-on lift. Apparently, my son was taking notes, when he built his garage with a 12 ft walls to accomodate his Eagle four post lift. I had occasion to use it (working on his car) and found that I could use a few accessories: one, would be a jack at each wheel station to aid in shock or wheel removal, two, a light box for fluorescent lights that would sit below the floor covered with 3/8 plexiglas to illuminate the bottom of the vehicle without dragging an extension lite around, third, air line quick disconnects at all four corners of the lift, fourth,a rolling drain pan for catching fluids.

One of the reason why a drive on lift, was because center lifts are always in the way for transmission,exhaust work, painting, and floor pan repairs.

I like to have ceiling-hung air, electrical, and trouble lites that are all on retractable reels, but the one thing I still haven't found was a 'suction' line. Its something we could all use, like cleaning out antifreeze from intake manifold cavities when you change a thermostat gasket or gas from a fuel filter, or searching for an oil leak, removing crud from a bolt hole. Besides being able to suck up the usual fluids, I would it to remove small filings and drill turnings, pick up a bolt or nut that I dropped in a inaccessible spot.

Every garage should have a separate dirty area. A place where you can bring in a motor block or fender, spray it with solvent, aggitate it, power wash all the crud down a central drain, blow it off, take it to the adjacent cubicle to sandblast loose paint and rust, before repair or paint. A Machining area with ALL the tools (use your imagination) including a small forge in the corner suitable for heat treating, bending, and early evening cookouts. A Final Assembly area so clean, lint free and spotless it would make a hospital operating room seem dirty, to assemble and paint my completed projects.

I think that every garage should have creature comforts, not only a couch, microwave and a coffee pot, but real comforts, like a locker room with a shower. A place where your wife can put out a couple of changes of clothing, a nice hot shower before you head into the house would be a nice starter. A telephone is good, but a tv with cable and internet access, to order up new parts, look for a wiring diagrams or call for assistance on an auto forum, would be much better. I think each shop should have sound; stereo, so you can hear the tunes no matter which corner of the garage that your in. Remote headphones, for those after midnight car repairs! And, last but not least, every man should have a chair, a barber's chair with tilt, foot rest, hydralic height adjustment, and a beverage holder. You have to have something comfortable when your contemplating your next project! I know a lot of you were thinking massage table, but that would be a bit overboard, don't you think?

Well, that's what I would like in my dream garage, how 'bout you?