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    Finishing Wood to match white thermofoil

    I have a couple of wall cabinets for a bathroom I'm redoing that are finished in white thermofoil. These are "stock" cabinets that I'm building a frame to ***ist with mouting the cabinets and also to integrate some lighting.

    I'll be using cabinet grade plywoood and clear pine or poplar for the framework I'm making.

    Does anyone have a recommendation on how to finish this so it looks good with the thermofoil? (Paint manufacturer, sheen level, application method...)


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    Re: Finishing Wood to match white thermofoil

    Hi Cebby,

    From what I know of thermofoil it is a heat-set paint that they put over mdf.
    This might be hard to duplicate. Jeff Jewitt has a finishing site (forgot the url, but if you search his name you should be able to find). Can also try for another group that may be able to help you.

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