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    Re: Garage Accessory Wish List

    A few things I always wanted were-
    internet/computer.. I'm a very visual person.. So I find myself running in and out a lot....To solve this I did put a sink in my current garage. I would someday...
  2. Re: A shed is an extension of the garage/shop - lets see them!

    +1 on the backdrops. Juneau looks really nice!
  3. Re: A shed is an extension of the garage/shop - lets see them!

    cool idea! My buddy has an old bus, never crossed my mind!

    I personally have a 3-1/2' x 8' arrow in my tiny townhouse backyard. It was the biggest I could go while still allowing a 10'x12' area...
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    Re: Some stuff I built

    nice downpipe! I keep saying I'm going to finish mine and never have....Great work! All the other stuff looks killer too. I like the cart design, nice and simple.
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    Re: what welding helmet do YOU use?

    I have a HF auto dark adjustable that I got on sale when I picked up my welder. I was still new to it and didn't know how much I'd end up using it.(I quickly got the hang of it and started fabbing a...
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    Re: What do you drive?

    Current rigs-
    1992 escort gt, daily driver powered by mazda
    1978 bronco, lifted trail/tow truck
    1997 escort, turbocharged, gutted track car, never ending project.

    fiance's car- 1996 probe gt,...
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