View Full Version : Home Made Sheetmetal Bender

01-04-2006, 04:04 PM
Been working on this for awhile,there are some good and some bad about it I guess being the first one you learn as you go.
The base is 3x5 angle iron 38 inches long.
The bending angle 3 x3 angle 38 inches long
The hold down angle is 3 x 3 angle 37 inches long.
The pivot pins I used 1 inch diameter x 4 inch long socket head bolts cut them down to the smooth shank.
The pivot plates or ends 1/2 thick by 4 x 4 1/2 trimmed down also if you note I used 1 3/8 od x 1 id oil lite bushing.
The hardest part I found trying to get the bending angle to work properly. Alot of trial and error, or tack weld cutoff and try it again.
Somehow I came up when the bending angle is at rest position it is about 1/8 inch below the top of the base with about 1/16 in gap in between them.
I included some drawings hopefully they came out noticed I milled some of the edges to try and get a straight edge.
The hold down angle still seems to want to lift up some what in the center so I might to have to use a deep c-clamp to hold it down tight. For the most part it does what I want to do.
Alot of the pieces where field fitted in other words alittle grinding here and there to make it work.
The hold down piece is adjustable in and out,I found you want it back alittle from the base edge to allow for the bend and thickness of material.
One picture show 20 and 17 ga they where both about 24 in wide
You could probably make this as wide as you want I could possibly bend around 34 inches wide depending on thickness.
I wasn't trying for anything big just some thing handy and useful.