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  1. Color choices for the forum...
  2. Posting pics in-line with your text
  3. BB Code for formatting text in your posts
  4. HTML Colors for Text formatting or whatever
  5. Forum Software Upgrade last night
  6. What's new in the reference section?
  7. Added a sticky to the Reference Section
  8. Form fields are yellow on registration page and I can't see what I'm typing.....
  9. 12/1 Outtage this AM
  10. Changed a setting...easier view via "Toolandfab.com forums available"
  11. 12/19 Outtage this PM
  12. New Books Section
  13. Added a new enhancement - "Similar threads"
  14. Anyone know what an RSS feed is? If you do, read this!
  15. Expletive Filter
  16. New Book - Recommended by Extreme4x4 - probably a good addition for any shop though..
  17. The Gallery is open for business!!!
  18. Donations-Support-Subscriptions
  19. It was only a matter of time - Banned our first SPAMMER!!
  20. New Tools Section
  21. Working on some new features!
  22. China's back!!!
  23. How did you find us?
  24. Couldn't resist - had to make a "Miller Blue" color scheme...
  25. Forum Minor revamp #2
  26. Short Outtage this AM
  27. TOOLandFAB.com is 1 year old TODAY!
  28. Those that have been unable to post - read this...
  29. Featured Vendors
  30. Upgraded the forum software tonight...
  31. Changed Servers Last Night
  32. New Site dedicated to Toyota 4x4's (and why I've been absent for a while)
  33. Holidays